The 5Fs of Holistic Success

Use your nutrition and fitness to actively manage and optimise your brain health, energy levels, creativity, decision making, resilience and productivity - as well as positivity!

This dynamic, energising 5Fs program (fuel, fitness, freedom, fulfilment, focus) is tailored especially for you.

What is the Oxford dictionary definition of these words?

  • Fuel: food, drink as a source of energy / a thing that sustains or inflames passion...  (Food: Any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink or that plants absorb in order to maintain life and growth).
  • Fitness – The condition of being physically fit and healthy
  • Freedom – The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants
  • Fulfilment – Satisfaction or happiness as a result of fully developing one’s potential
  • Focus - Pay particular attention to 

We will cover a large range of topics to optimise your holistic wellness and career success journey, starting with the creation of your action plan following completion of your lifestyle and wellness analysis.

Action plan for this six month program:

  • Career: We will start with the SCOPE for Career, Fulfilment and Success process to identify your strengths, weaknesses, passions and skills. Amongst other things, this also identifies your own true beliefs and values as well as how to integrate more positive actions into your daily life professionally (and personally) …
  • Mindset: We will identify and work on your existing stress points and put in place your positivity focus to manage problem areas, increase positivity, rebalance vision and optimise outcomes as well as rejuvenate peace and happiness.
  • Fitness: During the monthly sessions, and using the FITT principle, we will set up the necessary exercise and physical activity levels you will need in order to meet your short, medium and long term goals, monitoring the progress and modifying when necessary according to your evolution.
  • Nutrition: We will develop and plan out healthy, energising and tasty nutritional strategies and guidelines that are simple to implement for optimum impact. This will include strategies for specific circumstances and events.
  • Lifestyle and Holistic Success: We will also identify your dosha (from Ayurveda) so we know what you need to take into account for better balance in all aspects (career, mindset, fitness and nutrition)

Creation of realistic long, medium and short term goals for your Holistic Success based on the SMARTER model. SMARTER = Specific, measurable, agreed, realistic, timed, enjoyable, rewarding

  • Goal Setting – long, medium and short term.
  • Detailed discovery, development and implementation of your general goals, aspirations and expectations in the following sectors: Career, Mindset, Fitness, Nutrition, Lifestyle.

In addition, for the Dietary Habits, Exercise and Physical Activity Profile you will also receive

  • Detailed, in depth recommendations to improve each of these
  • Suggested nutritional changes and why they are appropriate for you including how to best integrate them.
  • Suggested and/or additional or substitute exercises to balance and improve your overall health.
  • Your potential barriers to change and support tips to overcome these
  • Suggestions and guidance on how to use these to improve your focus, concentration, clarity and energy to enhance your business decisions, creativity and resilience.

All of the above with ongoing personalised modifications and updates each month throughout the duration of the program

This 6 month online program ‘The 5Fs for Holistic Career Success’ includes the following: 

  • Monthly private coaching/mentoring video call.
  • Weekly personalised follow up, feedback and support email.
  • Regular additional ideas, strategies and support tips.
  • Special guide related to your evolution and progress during the program.
  • Special in-depth personalised workbook.
  • Discounted invitation to any weekend workshops/retreats.

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