Vital Business English

20 weeks - up to 2 x 30 minute sessions per week:

What do you want from your English training?

  • Is it finding and overcoming your problem with English so you communicate professionally, confidently and fluently?
  • Is it also focusing on your career and professional goals and innovating ways to attain them?

We can work together from anywhere in the world by telephone, skype, zoom...

  • Benefit from a knowledge of the business culture, mentality and work habits for international trade.
  • Benefit from speaking easily and naturally in English.
  • Spend up to 1 hour per week (2 x 30 minute sessions) training with me by phone or skype, plus exercises and workbooks to do yourself in addition to full email support.

We will go to the heart of your needs and objectives

  • We will concentrate on conversation and communication skills and follow the fastest path to meet your goals.
  • Each session is custom-designed to meet your individual needs.

Terms & Conditions: Lessons must be taken regularly each month and cannot be carried over. Start date 5 days from invoice date, after receipt of payment, unless otherwise agreed. 

N.B. Finish date 20 weeks after start date. This can only be delayed for up to a maximum of 2 weeks if you need to miss some lessons because of holidays or illness. 

All modifications/cancellations need to be made before 5.00 pm UK time the previous working day or the lesson is counted as taken.

12 Lessons

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12 Lessons in Vital Business English:

1. Analysing your challenges, creating your objectives

The past and the future of your English skills

History of your English learning journey

How you started English

Working in English - what you do today...

Your job - and English

Travel and Culture

Where have you been?

English outside work

Where else can you explore English? For fun...

2. Focus on oral, improve your skills and increase your confidence

Oral skills

Improve your skills

Improve skills - pronunciation

Increase your confidence

Become confident and comfortable

3. Delving into business culture, mentality and work habits for international trade

Becoming aware of different values, beliefs and adapting to these

4. Increasing conversation and communication skills

5. Sector specific scenarios and role plays

6. Understanding and adapting to the different values, culture, way of thinking and working