Business English Plus

20 weeks up to 2 hours per week: 

Includes all that is in the Vital course plus the following...

Do you worry about not performing well in important professional situations when everything is said and done in English?

OR... Do you need to understand what they say and also make important presentations, direct projects, meet VIPs and conduct difficult negotiations in English?

  • Intensive, results-oriented program.
  • Individually personalised program designed especially to your specific requirements.

It includes your choice of the following:

  • Everything in the Vital course
  • Focused themes and exercises
  • Online support

  • Industry specific material
  • Business skills development
  • Cross-cultural integration, etiquette and protocol
  • International business skills training

Terms & Conditions: Lessons must be taken regularly each month and cannot be carried over. Start date 5 days from invoice date (after receipt of payment) unless otherwise agreed. 

N.B. Finish date 20 weeks after start date. This can only be delayed for up to a maximum of 2 weeks if you need to miss some lessons because of holidays or illness.

All modifications/cancellations need to be made before 5.00 pm UK time the previous working day or the lesson is counted as taken.

14 Lessons

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14 Lessons in Business English Plus:

1. In depth analysis of your professional role and sector

The past and the future of your English skills

History of your English learning journey:

How you started English

Working in English - what you do today

Your job - and English

Culture differences working abroad

Working abroad

Business Sector

More about the sector internationally

2. Focus on presentations, projects and meetings in English

Focus on oral

Improve your skills

Improve skills - pronunciation

Increase your confidence

Become confident and comfortable

Presentations and Projects

Adapt for better presentations and projects

3. Business English skills development including cross-cultural integration

4. Focused themes and scenarios

5. Sector specific role play and skills awareness

6. Etiquette, protocol and cultural differences in work and mentality

Moving on to Genuine Fluency in any language

Achieving Genuine Fluency